Behavioral Health Advising

You’ve tried it all but nothing sticks.

You’re overwhelmed and frustrated by the number on your scale, your rushed mornings, what you "should” be doing or by not having enough hours in the day.
It’s time to break through from your outdated behavior patterns and become the best version of you. It’s time for a personalized plan to sustainably reach your goals.


Do you want to

Stop overeating
Feel confident preparing delicious, healthy and SIMPLE meals
Learn to eat intuitively
Decrease stress and anxiety around food/work/your relationship/your career
Ditch diets for good
Feel your best throughout the day and at ease about your choices
Never say the word “cheat meal” again

You’re craving the freedom, the confidence, the pride, the mindfulness.

What you get:

30 minute free Discovery Call
60 minute Goal Setting Call
A customized course of action
Unlimited support between sessions
Additional resources, notes and discounts between sessions

Let go of what is keeping you stuck!

I have multiple options available, ranging from monthly check-ins to an intensive 6-month experience. When we hop on our Free Discovery Call, we'll talk about the right fit for you, your goals and your budget!

Have a question?

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“Thanks to [Kelley], I no longer see my body as an enemy, but as an ally.”