My Recommendations

As a Behavioral Health Advisor, I’m often asked
“Which brand of BLANK do you recommend?”
Well, here are all my favorites in one place, from snacks to books so take a peak and see if there is something you need!
I only recommend products I love and use myself!


Food & Supplements

Tone it Up Protein Powder

This has been my favorite protein powder for years and the one I use myself almost every day in my morning smoothie. It’s made with real ingredients, tastes amazing, is affordable and comes in a bunch of flavors (my favorite is Vanilla).

Bulletproof Coffee

Did you know coffee is one of the most sprayed crops and is easily infested with mold. Yuck. Easily solution, Bulletproof Coffee. It’s organic, thoroughly tested and in my opinion, the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had.

Bulletproof Collagen Bars

Maybe the hunger is too real for just a collagen coffee. How about a collagen bar instead? These are clean, filling and delish. They taste like cookies and I’m very into that! I always throw these in my bag when I’m traveling.

Peanut Butter Travel Packs

Not all peanut butter is created equal! The ingredient list for this one: peanuts. That’s it! And that’s all it should be! No added sugars or inflammatory oils. I’m a big fan of having snacks on the go, that way when you’re hungry, you can squash it, and it helps prevent binging once you get home. Keeping these in my bags are great with an apple or even on their own.

Acacia Fiber

My go-to fiber source for smoothies. Many adults don’t get enough fiber, but a scoop of this tasteless and textureless powder will likely keep you filling full for hours.

Ashwaganda Powder

You can buy ashwaganda in pill form, but I’m actually a fan of the flavor. I mix about a teaspoon it in my coffee and it completely balances me out. I’ve been using it for four years and truly notice a difference when I don’t have it. It was the first adaptogen I used! I also sometimes bake with it

Collagen Peptides

One of the top questions I get is “what is your stance on collagen.” You can read about that here, but long story short, I mix it into my coffee on a daily basis. I love these travel packs. I always have a few in my bag so when I’m out, and feeling a little hungry, I can throw one in my coffee for instant protein.

Multi Mushroom Complex

Mushrooms are having a moment and for good reason. They have incredible health benefits, but why chose just one when you can take a bunch in pill form! I take one pill 3x a day for overall health and immune support.

Digestive Enzyme

Going on vacation or even just going out to dinner? Digestive enzymes help. Big time. They break down food and also allow more absorption of nutrients. These have been a life saver for me when I eat thai food and the spice causes an upset stomach.


I was asked for my favorite honey and here it is. This one is on the pricier end but for good reason-you are getting a huge bang for your buck! This honey has royal jelly which helps brain function, bee pollen which is a protein that can increase energy and propolis which is a big immunity supporter. Feeling a little tickle? A teaspoon of this in warm water with a squeeze of lemon should do the trick.

Avocado Oil

You know when you’re cooking something on the stove and it starts to smoke? That’s not good. Try using an oil with a higher smoke point (more on that here). I love avocado oil. I bake and sauté with it and i love the subtle flavor it gives my eggs, sweet potatoes, and roasted veggies.

Skin & Beauty

Dry Brush

I wasn’t on the dry brush bandwagon until I was gifted this exact one, used it a few times, and realized my life will never be the same. I have such dry skin on my legs and using this baby before I shower has been a major help. It’s also a great self-care ritual to get into to give your body a little extra lovin.

Witch Hazel

There is a good chance you don’t need to drop more than $15 on a good toner. This one is super cheap, has minimal ingredients and has been doing the trick for me for years. Wondering if toner is really necessary? The first time you swipe that little toner covered cotton pad on your seemingly clean face only to find it covered in gunk, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t started using it sooner!

SheaMoisture African Black Soap

Personally, I love a clarifying body wash. But I don’t like chemicals! I’ve been using this brand of body wash (and shampoo) for years. The smell is natural and subtle, it’s pretty inexpensive and it works!

Dr. George Teeth Whitening Gel

Ok this one is a bit random and not at all natural BUT I do get asked about what I used to keep my teeth so white and this is my secret. It’s been my tried and true for about 7 years and one bottle lasts FOREVER!



Black Nike Flyknits are my tried and true pair of sneaks. I keep on buying them because they go with everything (maybe that’s just because all of my workout gear is black….) and when they get dirty, they just become my hiking shoes! I really love these.

Water Bottle with Straw

This small switch has the potential to change your life. Many of us want to drink more water but the behavior isn’t reinforcing because of the effort it takes to drink (as pathetic as it sounds, you know it’s true). Reduce the response effort (AKA the effort it takes to engage in the behavior you want to increase) by getting a water bottle with a straw, or this topper than can fit your existing water bottle.

Jade Yoga Mat

I wish i could recommend a less expensive yoga mat, I really do, but this is the best one I’ve found by a long-shot. Every other mat I’ve tried is slippery, this one is not. It’s worth it if you’re find yourself sliding around during your down dog.

Cooking Tools

NutriBullet Balance

This is the best blender for smoothie making. It’s huge, it’s efficient, it stops when it’s done, and IT WEIGHS YOUR FOOD AND TELLS YOU IT’S NUTRITIONAL CONTENT. This is the future, people.


Body Love by Kelly LeVeque

I’m somewhat skeptical when it comes to “wellness” books because there is typically a lot of “should” and a lot of rules that aren’t sustainable. But not this one. Kelly LeVeque (who, side story, personally congratulated me on the day I quit my job to start Root to Rise) is an expander and role model of mine and her book is filled with a way to eat clean in an extremely sustainable and digestible (pun intended) way!

Eat Clean, Play Dirty by Sakara

You guys know I love Sakara with all my heart (and that you can use the code “REF_ROOTTORISE15” to save on their meal programs). Well, good news! The founders Whitney and Danielle just launched a cookbook that’s available for pre-order on Amazon! Fingers crossed their Chocolate Love Muffin recipe makes the book.