Client Love

“Since we started working together, I've lost 15 pounds, created sustainable habits for better sleep and nutrition, and feel excited about conquering the gym and my physical movement goals. 3 months ago, I was skeptical if I could accomplish even one of these things. This has been one of the best investments I've made in myself and can't thank you enough for your support!”

-Jen, 27 ~ Staffing Executive

“I am so happy to have connected with Kelley. She was patient, kind and knowledgable. I appreciate the process she took me through in really digging into my issues and goals with my food habits. As both a serial entrepreneur and mother of three, I had fallen into some unhealthy habits that were causing sporadic energy boosts and mood swings, as well as weight gain. I needed stability and routine to support both my mental health and the daily flow of my hectic day to schedule. I now have solidified list of goals and have begun to rethink and reformulate my relationship with them. My children are already happier, as am I and I look forward to seeing how other areas of my life improve as a result.”

-S, 38 ~ entrepreneur

“I liked that [Kelley] took into account who I am, what I care about and what my lifestyle is like to give me a customized solution to my issues, and that [she was] kind, patient, positive, supportive and understanding. It's also very helpful that [she is] available via text/email in between sessions for questions and needs that arise. '“

-JC, 35 ~ artist

“[The Get Clean Guide] makes it so easy to have clean, delicious meals that leave you feeling so great! When I make these breakfast recipes my whole day is better. It takes all the intimidation and confusion out of trying to eat something truly clean.”

-Mary, 21 ~ student

“Kelley guided me during one of the toughest transitional periods in my life. She helped me get on track with my diet, my physical activity, and with my sense of confidence in my own intuition. She encouraged me to take charge of my health and I can proudly say that the habits she helped me form are habits that I still practice today.”

-Bianca, 25 ~ massage therapist

“[Kelley] is a great listener and was able to hone in on my goals quickly. She guided me on the next/best steps and was able to kick start me towards making positive habits. Thank you, Kelley.”

-Connor, 28 ~engineer

“Kelley helped me build my confidence and my sense of self, and lessened my anxiety about tackling giant goals by breaking them down into manageable increments. I liked how encouraging and supportive Kelley was on our calls, and also appreciated her dialogue and thought-provoking questions to help me move closer to solutions. She made me feel super comfortable in sharing my thoughts and was very easy to talk to.”

-B, 27 ~ communications coordinator

”[Our sessions were] clear and consistent- which works for someone like me. I knew what was expected of me weekly and how the session would run! [Kelley was] forthcoming with information and chased things up for me, sometimes even 100% out of [her] own interest (not because I had asked it of [her]) which I really appreciated. I was grateful for how invested [Kelley] was in my wellbeing.”

-N, 30 ~ fitness instructor

“[The most effective part of this partnership was] having dedicated time each week to reflect on my health habits. Kelley is a great listener and asked questions that made me dive deeper into what was holding me back from reaching my goals.”

-Becky, 32 - health coach

Goal Setting Call Love

“I feel infinitely better about my goals after this call. I never thought about it like this!”

“My initial call and Goal Setting Call with Kelley was really helpful and a refreshing take on issues that I’ve been taking on alone for a long time. I truly appreciated that she helped me to break down my issues into bite-sized goals that I could achieve week to week. She’s a great support!”

“I feel so excited and proud of myself.”

“This format is so helpful, I love it! I like having clear defined guidelines and realizing my why is so important! It feels comfortable, [Kelley] is easy to talk to and open up to.”

“It feels good to have a plan and realize this is achievable in less time than I anticipated.”

“I feel so much more empowered now!”

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