May 2019: 6-Week Group Program

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Learn the tools for sustainable habit change.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Create habits that will actually last

  • Have individualized support and recommendations

  • Decrease your anxiety and overall daily stress 

  • Strengthen your intuition and mind/body connection

  • Have access to additional levels of accountability

  • Become the best version of you

What if you were able to not only learn from someone who has been in your shoes and overcame the obstacles, but also connect with an incredible tribe who will hold you accountable for months to come?
If you were able to truly achieve your goals and live a life of confidence and ease.

How would that feel?

If you're ready to crush your goals
If you want to feel liberated from outdated behavior patterns
If you want your morning to set you up for success
If you want freedom from fads
If you want to incorporate rest into your routine without any guilt
If you want tangible takeaways and true results

Then fill out this form to get rooted and begin to rise.


You’ll gain access to support, tools, education, community and a whole lot more.

Break through everything that’s standing in your way.

The goals you want to reach are a lot more achievable than they seem and we’ll guide you on a clear path to get there.

What you get:

6 weeks of support

2 50 minute 1:1 advising calls

2 group calls

2 guest webinars

Weekly takeaways

Unlimited 1:1 support for daily guidance

The Guest Speakers

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Marine Sélénée

Marine Sélénée is a New York based Family Constellations therapist. She is the author of The Movement, which chronicles her path of personal healing through Family Constellations Therapy. She also speaks on panel discussions and at conferences delivering motivational speeches. And, since 2019 she is one of the Goop talents for Goop Health.

Her unique approach to Family Constellations Method helps people heal from family wounds and find individual blocks rooted in the family system. Her clients are able to get to the root of their pain, in order to not only heal themselves, but the generations before and after them.

Her greatest passion is sharing the transformative power of Family Constellations.

Kristin Mitchell

Kristin Mitchell is a yoga teacher, writer, empath and IIN graduate. She has made it her mission to help people live more consciously, especially those who don’t have the time.

A New York transplant of 7 years, Kristin has never let go of her Colorado roots.

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She lives by learning through nature, synchronicities, beauty and all things magic. When she isn’t working you can find her scribbling away in her notebook(s), reading, eating chocolate or recording episodes of her podcast: The Morning Elixir.

Her favorite reminder to self: "No matter where I go, there I am.”

Ready to rise?

Early Bird Rate (Before April 15th): $600
Regular Rate (After April 15th): $650

For any questions about this group program, please email me at