Why Vision Boards are Meaningless

 I truly and whole heartedly trust the universe. I'm into astrology, healers, mushrooms and crystals. The more woo-woo the better. However, what I'm not into is being passive. The universe works when we work with it..which is why I'm calling bullshit on vision boards.

I admit, I was into at first. Sitting in my pajamas in front of the fireplace on New Years Eve cutting out images of body goal babes, bougie apartments, and aesthetically pleasing home offices sounded ideal (still does). But when I went to suggest the idea in my most recent newsletter, my Master's in Science diploma was screaming at me. I decided to look up the research on vision boards and the law of attraction. Not only did I find nothing significant, I also realized it's a copout.
Crushing goals takes ambition and motivation. Looking at a bunch of cut outs from magazines is lazy. 

We're still gonna manifest our best year yet, but we're taking action.
Heres how..

1. Listen

Meditate, journal, see a healer, go for a run, do all four. Connect with yourself and your inner voice and listen to it. What do you want?

2. Define your goals

How do you want 2018 to look? Be specific. Make it quantifiable.

Who do you want to be? 

What do you want to do? 

Who do you want next to you? 

What do you want to create?

How do you want to spend your time?

Make a list. Write it down and set a date. 

This evidence based approach increases the probability of goal achievement.  

3. Stay accountable

Different people respond to accountability in different ways. Regardless, we've seen the research that accountability typically increases goal success rate. Set up your free consultation, make your goals public by sharing them on social media, have an accountability partner who has a similar goal in mind. 

4. Believe it

Close your eyes and imagine the life you want. How do you feel? Hold onto that feeling. Recreate it daily through affirmations. Speak, think and act as though what you're manifesting is already the case. Stop struggling and trust the process. 

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