The Complete Hangover Guide

What causes a hangover and what can we do about it?


We know this. But are we doing anything about it? Not only is it easy to forget to drink water during the night, but alcohol increases urine production, causing rapid hydration depletion.

Poor sleep

Alcohol may allow us to pass out quickly, but we don't reach the deep sleep we need for our bodies to be able to function at their peak level. Sleep is even more important after drinking because the body is working hard to flush it all out and reboot. It may help to sleep with an eye mask or at least with the shades down. 


The body is trying it's best to flush through the alcohol, but if it's being consumed in large quantities your liver might not be able to keep up. Look for clear, organic spirits if possible, and try to avoid sugary mixers. Nourish your body before drinking with healthy fats. This will slow down the absorption process.

Tried all of these but still feeling gross the next day?
Fuel yourself:


Eggs have l-cysteine which helps your liver neutralize toxins.

Coconut water

Fight against dehydration with fluids. Coconut water supplies potassium, so it both rehydrates you and helps to replenish your electrolyte balance


Another food high in electrolyte potassium.


Alcohol can inflame your digestive system causing nausea. Ginger can be effective to reduce these feelings.


B Vitamins

B6 before, during, and after drinking may help reduce hangover systems.

Want to really indulge?

Go for a steam, use a cold jade roller (or piece of ice) on your face, apply accupressure where you need it (looking at the back of your hand, place your other thumb at the webbing between your thumb and index finger with your fingertips on the palm directly behind. Firmly press into the webbing for two minutes; this can relieve headaches), dry brush, take a literal nap in your shower.

Bottomline- there are plenty of ways to feel better naturally.

HealthKelley Hoag