Dandelion Chai Latte

I love a sweet treat after dinner as much as the next person, but dessert after dessert and sugar sugar sugar isn’t great, we know this. So, I tend to get a bit inventive when it comes to satisfying my sweet tooth.

Last year I had an ashwaganda hot chocolate recipe I was LOVING, but lately I’ve been all about chai.

Did you know chai means tea in hindi!? So, when you say chai tea, you’re saying chai chai! I just found this out…oops.

I’m a big fan of herbs, adaptogens, mushrooms and tonics that taste as good as they make you feel, so I wanted a go-to chai recipe full of healing ingredients.

I recently paid a visit to Flower Power in the Lower East Side. It’s a heavenly place with an entire wall of every herb/root/flower you can think of. I grabbed a bunch of goodies, one of which was dandelion root.


Dandelions (yep, those little weeds that grow in your backyard) have a ton of health benefits. From root to flower, they’re filled with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The roots are high in antioxidants, may help in lower cholesterol, support liver health and fight bacteria.

Dandelion greens are bitter, but the roots, oddly enough, can have a coffee-like flavor. Dandelion root tea is a common coffee alternative for those trying to reduce their caffeine intake. For this recipe, you can use store bought dandelion root tea, or the dried roots themselves.

Aside from the star of the show, this recipe also calls for

  • 1 tbs chai spices (pre-made blend or cinnamon, cardamom, star of anise)

  • 1/2 inch of ginger

  • milk (your choice)

  • 1tsp honey

  • 1tsp vanilla extract

If you’re using pure dandelion root, heat 1 tbs in a sauce pan on low. It can burn quickly, so keep on eye on it. Once it begins to smoke, brown or become fragrant, add 1.5 cups of water into the pan. Add in chopped ginger root and spices.

Cover and simmer on low for 20-30 minute until the liquid becomes dark brown.

Pour liquid through a strainer into a mug and add vanilla, honey and milk. I personally like almond milk and an additional dash of cinnamon on top.

If you’re using pre-made tea, steep tea with spices and ginger, then strain into mug and add the rest of the ingredients.

You can also add in any adaptogens or herbs you prefer, even CBD oil. I love ashwaganda because it’s a calming herb that really soothes me both in my morning coffee and my evening elixirs. This is also a great alternative to morning coffee if you prefer!