Traveling Mindfully

Traveling shakes up routine which can deconstruct the healthy lifestyle you've been trying to maintain.  There is a lot of temptation and an urgency to eat allllll the food. Totally fair. The following list outlines my personal mentality and philosophy when I travel to find balance and feel good during my trip.

Pack Sneakers

The easiest excuse to not move while you're away- "I didn't bring sneakers." Nip that in the bud right now. Put your sneakers in your luggage first. That way they'll fit and you'll find a way to use them whether it's for a walk, a fitness class, a hike or at the hotel gym. That being said..

Find a Fitness Studio

Most fitness studios have new client specials. Do a little search before you go. It could be a free week, a discounted first class, etc. Check it out and see what fun new workouts your destination has to offer.


When I went to visit Portland, Oregon for a quick weekend I was determined to make the most out of it. I decided to just take myself on a walk. I popped into fun bakeries, clothing shops and book stores and ended up walking through Portland for 3+ hours. I moved and I explored. Win/Win. This also leads to my next point..

Listen to Your Body

Easier said than done. This I know because it is one of the main things I work on with clients. However, if this is something you've been actively working on, traveling is a perfect time to strengthen that muscle. Indulge where you want to indulge and refrain when you feel you've had enough. Need some need help with this intuitive process? Schedule a consultation.

Shop Local

Few things bring my joy like finding a local bakery or coffee shop when I'm traveling. Whether you're in a new country or a new county, find local spots and see what they have to offer. It gives me that cozy feeling, plus I'm supporting local businesses and potentially learning new, creative ways to utilize ingredients. Did you know that even Whole Foods carries local goods that you probably won't see in your home location? 

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