My Philosophy

I'm not here to tell you what to do. 
I'm here to support you, to advise, to hold you accountable, to inform, to share, to listen. 

Health is tricky. It's triggering for many of us because it hits us at our core. Our subconscious, our childhood, our fears, our blocks, our self worth. Often we know what we need to do to feel better but have trouble getting there or sticking with it. That's why I'm here.

I'm not a nutritionist, a psychologist, a personal trainer, or a coach. 
I'm an advisor and a friend. A partner. An honest reflection of yourself when you need it.

I have my own health journey that I've been on for years. I've tried many different diets, workouts, practices, techniques, and am able to speak on my experiences and my health education. But what works, and doesn't work for me, is not the same as what will work and will not work for you. Every body is different. There are so many conflicting ideologies out there because there is no one size fits all. This leads to confusion, frustration and misinformation. 

So let's clear it up. Let's talk about you.
Your needs, your diet, your habits, your health. 
I'm here when you're ready.


CoachingKelley Hoag