My Grocery Store Guide


Going to the grocery store is one of my favorite activities (which is partially why I offer W). I love seeing whats new and in season and I get totally inspired to make fun meals.

I live in NYC, so my go-to for a big Sunday haul is definitely Trader Joes. I’ll get a few specialty items from Whole Foods, and pick up some produce from the Farmer’s Markets when I can.

I’m a bit of a creature of habit and will get a few staple items I know I’ll need throughout the week:

  • greens (kale/spinach) - 1 to freeze for smoothies, 1 for salads/omelettes

  • zucchini - 1 to freeze for smoothies, 1 for omelettes

  • broccoli - can always find a use for this in dinners or with eggs

  • onions - same with broccoli, I eat onions daily

  • pasture-raised eggs - pasture-raised is different than cage free, as cage free chickens can potentially still be in inhumanely close quarters and don’t see any grass

  • riced cauliflower - this is usually already frozen and i use it for smoothies

  • wild caught salmon - farm raised fish is a no for me because it’s highly unsustainable and usually contain antibiotics.

  • canned beans - easy to add to salads for a bit of protein and carbs. i like black & cannellini

I usually need a few specialty items that TJ’s just doesn’t have (yet). Things like

  • Siggi’s unsweetened yogurt

  • Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk

  • Safe Catch canned tuna/salmon

  • Amazing Grass Vanilla protein powder

  • Dave’s Killer bread

I’ll get these at Whole Foods, or a few local spots in Manhattan.

Depending on what meals I’m planning, I’ll swap around foods like

  • mushrooms

  • bananas

  • salsa

  • tomatoes

  • squash

  • brussels sprouts

  • avocados

  • lentils

  • sweet potatoes

  • tofu

  • kimchi

  • apples

  • dried and/or frozen fruit

  • hummus

These foods are all staples in my fridge and pantry. I eat mostly plant based but have fish from time to time to ensure I’m getting enough protein.

Interested to see how I incorporate these foods into my meals for breakfast lunch and dinner?

Check out the Get Clean Guide I created that has a shopping list and meal plan filled with 28 recipes, plus a private Pinterest board with even more recipes and resources like books and podcasts.

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