Morning Routines from 3 Health Gurus

There's something so intimate/fascinating about hearing how someone starts their day. It's a little peak inside their morning ritual and can spark an idea for our own routine. Below is a look into how three health addicts begin their day. 

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Chrissy and Jayla are models and founders of Kalumi Health, a collagen meal replacement filled with good for you ingredients.

The first thing we do in the morning is drink a big glass of water to rehydrate and energize the body. We cleanse the face with natural oils (argan or coconut) and then moisturize to wake up our skin. We are often pressed for time, running to a casting, workout or meeting, so we will grab a Kalumi BEAUTYfood bar before running out the door. We often go for Lemon Love in the mornings as it’s super refreshing and filled with collagen and protein!

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Ashley Turenchalk is a professional Dancer and Fitness instructor at NYC's Dancebody and Circuit of Change

I am constantly working out and moving my body, so I'm an avid roam roller. If I'm really feeling sore, I'll take an epsom salt bath then foam roll so that my muscles are already warm. Lately I've been using my Tens machine. It's like having my own personal physical therapist right at home. love it and highly recommend!

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Danielle Spidaliere of The Mindful Blonde is also a firm believer in beginning your day with self care.

I usually set my alarm 30 minutes before I actually need to wake up to give me body time to adjust and avoid rushing myself. Once I'm up, I'll have a big mug of warm lemon water to hydrate and give my digestive system and skin a reboot. By 8am I'm meditating. This is a must for me. I typically sit with my oil diffuser and a few crystals, which I hang onto the rest of the day to serve as a reminder when the day gets overwhelming. Lastly I'll get dressed and make a to do list. This is a how i stay productive and make sure I'm accomplishing what I need to throughout the day. Whether I'm working from home, teaching a yoga class or running out to a meeting I have my mindful morning routine because I deserve that time, and it makes becoming a morning person a bit easier.


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