Los Angeles Wellness Guide

Ok I may have bailed on LA but I still love it, I swear. I grew so much during my time there and it ignited my soul with the passion to create Root to Rise. This sunny city will forever have a piece of my heart. Here are my fave fave fave healthy spots. Let me know yours!

Things to do

Runyon Canyon

Don't roll your eyes, Runyon is awesome. So convenient, so many dogs, still a solid workout. What more is there to say? However, if you're here for a while, definitely check out some Malibu hikes as well. 

Platform LA


Platform is a tres chic, relatively new space in Culver City. They are always having fun events and it's filled with cute stores including Van Leeuwen (addicted), Soul Cycle and tenoverten

Abbot Kinney

Abbot Kinney is my favorite street in LA. There are endless cute boutiques, food trucks and pop-up vendors selling jewelry, clothes and little trinkets. Some of LA's hottest, healthiest restaurants live here too. 


Erewhon would be a joke if it weren't so freakin good. I can't even compare it to Whole Foods because it's so much more than that. The hot bar is not to be missed but be prepared to spend an insane amount of money here. I live for their bean salad and vegan pumpkin pie, just sayin'. 

Kadampa Meditation Center

This center for Buddhism located in Los Feliz, offers various events, retreats and donation based meditation classes. If the traffic is finally getting to you, stop by by for some quiet introspection.

Places to eat



See and be seen at this Peruvian West Hollywood restaurant right on Melrose. Interior rocks and the food is incredible.

Cafe Gratitude

If you want the LA experience in a nutshell all you have to do is have brunch at Cafe Gratitude. Go with it, embrace the whole thing and have some of the most nourishing food LA has to offer.

Honey Hi

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 10.18.12 PM.png

I have so much respect for this little spot. Their menu is 100% organic and sustainable. The food and drinks both are on point. I recommend a weekend stroll around Echo Park Lake finished by brekkie at Honey Hi right down the street. 


Beaming is much more than a smoothie joint but that's where it really hits home for me. I'm a big advocate for veg heavy smoothies filled with good for you ingredients and superfoods, which is why Beaming has my heart. Their philosophy is totally aligned with everything Root to Rise stands for. 


House of Intuition

Need some crystals, incense, or any other weird woo-woo souvenirs of sorts? Pop in and ask them for a reading or healing if you have time. 


Shroom Room

Another Abbot Kinney gem. You know we love Four Sigmatic, (we even have a discount code- roottorisehealth) and in their tiny Venice space you can shop their products and get free shroom samples. 

The Detox Market

Natural beauty galore. Toxic skin care and makeup is a hard no, so restock your essentials in this super cute shop. The staff is super knowledgable and they often have events like mini facials, panelists, etc. 

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