LA Workout Guide

As a ClassPass aficionado and workout junkie, I've been around the block exploring fitness classes around LA. So whether you're an Angelino or just passing through, check out these 5 spots:

Cycle House

It's not about riding next to Shay Mitchell or Jessica Alba. It's entirely about Nichelle. Her rides are life changing. You'll laugh and you'll cry all while tapping it back to Jay and Drake. She makes sure your form is perfect while motivating you to live your best life.

LIT Method

Where Cycle House is elitist, LIT is not. At this studio (owned by the hottest couple) everyone goes out of their way to know your name and also kick your ass. LIT stands for Low Impact Training, so it's perfect if you have an injury as there's no jumping, running, etc. It's a rower, TRX, band, HIIT class. Brutal but it'll get you ripped. Justin's classes fill up fast but if you can snag a spot I highly recommend it.


This class is done on the Power Plate, an insane vibrating machine. It'll shake you up and engage your muscles you didn't even  know you had. The classes are small and only 27 minutes. If you need a quickie that'll get the job done, this is it.

Box Union

This isn't your average low lit, loud music fitness class. BU makes you feel empowered both during and after, and your arms will get a killer workout. Pro tip: get in the front if you can, seeing yourself in the mirror really makes a difference in this one.

Training Mate

There is nothing like Training Mate. If you've been, you know what I mean. This gym is Aussie themed so get ready for sexy accents and lewd jokes. This class is circuit based and Wednesday's are full body.

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