Falling Asleep Naturally

Falling asleep after a full day of constant stimulation can be tough. I'm sharing a few tips that work for me to fall asleep naturally. Feel free to give 'em a try and let me know if they work for you too.

Eat Dinner

Something that has kept me up in the past was not eating a dinner that was satiating. When I'm hungry in bed, food is obsessively on my mind. I now eat a filling dinner with healthy fats, protein and fiber. I don't believe in going to sleep hungry. 

Essential Oils

I got into essential oils to deal with flight anxiety. I picked up a blend at Whole Foods that I used to compulsively inhale during take off. While I was there I also saw a blend for sleep made of mostly lavender and chamomile. I put a few drops on my pillows and sheets before bed and find it so relaxing.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra was first described to me as "the most relaxed you can be without being asleep." It's a technique done in savasana where you are essentially withdrawing from your 5 senses. There are many guided Yoga Nidra audio recordings on the app, Insight Timer. 

Valerian Root

Although I haven't tried this one myself, the research is there. Valerian Root is one of the most analyzed natural herbal supplements, and may have a positive effect on sleep habits—from the time required to fall asleep to sleep quality and even the number of nighttime awakenings.

Eliminate Light

I sleep with black out shades and a sleeping mask because light effects my sleep in a major way. I fall asleep 10x quicker when my room is dark than when I'm sleeping somewhere that has light coming in. I highly recommend experimenting with this and see if it changes the game.

Things I don't do before bed: 

  • Have caffeine - I don't usually do this at all, but the cut off is always 3pm

  • Drink tea - Otherwise I'll have to get up 5x during the night to go to the bathroom

  • Watch anything on my phone - For a time I watched videos or movies on my phone before bed because it decreased my anxiety, but it also kept me up later than normal

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