Affordable Health

Health can sometimes seen unobtainable and out of reach because of hefty price tags.

$42 fitness classes, $10 matcha lattes, $115 jars of adaptogens.

It's absurd, but there are ways around it. I'm sharing 3 hacks to make being healthy, affordable.

1. Trader Joes:

There is a reason the line at the 23rd Street TJ's is down the block- they've got all the goods at amazing prices. Trader Joe's sells bags of superfoods like maca, cacao, and hemp seeds. These are all amazing smoothie staples and the price point here is unbeatable.


2. Work/Study Programs

Did you know Sky Ting and in NYC and Love Yoga in LA both offer Work/Study programs. You can volunteer about 4hrs a week for an unlimited yoga membership. Uh HI! Yes, please! Many studios offer this and it's a great option to not only get free yoga, but connect with an awesome community.


3. Mindfulness

The internet can take us down some serious rabbit holes. With Instagram ads, influencers, and product sponsorships, we're often tricked into spending money we probably don't need to be spending. Being more mindful of the content we're consuming and the impact it's having on us can be helpful. Check out Thrive Market and Amazon, look for prices differences, do a bit of research and really listen to your body to see if you NEED or if you just want. 

Have any other affordable health hacks? Leave a comment!

HealthKelley Hoag