8 Podcasts I Listen to Obsessively

I need constant stimulation.
I also like to make the most of my time. 
Which is why I'm obsessed with podcasts (and audiobooks, but thats for another blog post). 

Here are my top 8 faves. 

Almost 30 

Krista and Lindsey keep it so real. This podcast makes me laugh out loud almost every episode. If you're into health and wellness but also take it with a grain of salt, give this a listen. Not to mention, their producer created this website and our awesome logo. Thanks Chloe!

Bulletproof Radio

Dave Asprey is truly my biggest inspiration. I trust him with my life. He interviews fascinating guests. If you want to live an elevated life and just be a more educated human, highly recommend!

Guys We Fucked

I've been listening to this podcast from day one and what began as literal interviews of guys Kristyna and Corinne used to sleep with has transformed into something so major. This podcast is a feminist comedy show covering heavy topics and interviewing guests who will keep you woke af. 

That's So Retrograde

Lolz. Elizabeth and Stephanie are such cuties and about as LA as it gets. The cover topics mostly focused around health and wellness from meditation and rituals to natural beauty and astrology. You know I love a little woowoo, and if you do too you'll dig this one. 

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Did you watch Tony's Netflix special? Did you cry? Same. If Tony kind of scares you but you're still intrigued by what he's got goin' on, the good news is that most of his podcasts aren't hosted by him. They're easily digestible but incredibly helpful especially if you're an entrepreneur. 

Lady Lovin'

This podcast sounds innocent but it gets pretty raunchy. I'm mostly here for the relatable banter and love the friendship these girls have. 

The Morning Elixir

Short anecdotes from an amazing yoga teacher to give you some food for thought throughout your day. 

The Life Stylist Podcast

Ok if you're into Bulletproof you'll be into Luke Storey. His life is fascinating (you can listen to his interview on the Almost 30 podcast). His guests are really unique and come from a wide range of backgrounds. If you listen to only one of these, make it this!